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About the Studio

When I think of a Loop dee Loop, a simple circular doodle comes to mind!  But when I think deeper on the design I feel that it mimics how life works.  Sometimes we are on an upswing and sometimes a downswing and sometimes our path crosses another path that interacts in such a gorgeous and delightful manner.  Landing on the name Loop de Lou (Louisville for our home city), seemed perfect for the journey we take in life.  This beautiful up and down motion is much like art process.  We make messes and mistakes and in the end we have a masterpiece that could be beautiful or a mess depending on how we choose to view it.  

In our art studio we want children to feel confident, knowing they can and should try something new.  And if perhaps they make a mistake they realize they are human, learn, and move forward!  The process and journey is our focus.  But regardless, frame that art and remember your child showed up, he or she took a chance!


About Jessica Washer


I ​am a teacher by nature!  In fact I clearly remember teaching my Cabbage Patch kids!  Prior to having my three boys I taught elementary education for 8 years in Alabama and Kentucky.  My favorite part of teaching was always art.  I could squiggle art into any subject!  Making and creating in my own art studio has been a dream in the making for about five years.  I finally realized that I can do hard things and so here we are!

I am married to a wonderful man who has supported me the entire way.  We have three boys who love tinkering and creating with the best of us!

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