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Loop de Lou Art Studio


Finding joy in the mess, laughter through the splatter and wonder in the process!

What is art process?

Celebrating the discovery through the path of learning is the highlight in art process.  When we explore through hands-on experience, new discoveries open up to us.  Art process gives children the comfort to experiment with various art materials.  They gain confidence and can apply their experiences to each project.  Embracing mistakes leads to perseverance and the desire to find new avenues in ideas.

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Stay in the Loop

Mini Lou Makers (walking-age 3)

Coming soon...fingers crossed!

Little Lou Makers (Ages 3 - 5)

Coming soon!

Lou Makers (Ages 6 - 11)

Coming Soon!

Ladies' Night: Fall Wreath

September 24th at 7pm

FuNkY Monster Camp (Ages 6 - 12)

October 19th-22nd

Ladies' Night: Macrame Wall Hanging

October 29th at 7pm

Halloween Pop-Up (Ages 4 - 12)

October 31st from 10am-1pm

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