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Easy Gingerbread Towns

These easy gingerbread houses are delightful as they are simple. My children were revved up the other night and I thought "what supplies do I have in the house that can create some peace and quiet"!!! I have had these lunch bags sitting in the pantry and this was the perfect use.

We used glitter paint pens, gel pens and washi tape. I find that the Scotch brand of tape works best and can easily be found at Walmart or Target.

We made various buildings that created a sweet little town. We had a car shop (we should totally make a gingerbread car to go with it), a church, a house, an art studio and a gingerbread repair shop. The repair shop was such a cute idea since gingerbread men get nibbled by the cookie knapper. This is the perfect holiday project that can be developed in a minute but extend creativity time.

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