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Pet Portrait Wall Hanging

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

We are getting a puppy next week! To celebrate I had my little and his friend create a simple wall hanging. We used the following materials:

~small block of wood from Micheals (painted white but not necessary)





~Pipe Cleaners


We first talked about how colors interact with each other and decided which colors to mix. For some unknown reason kids absolutely love to squirt paint into a bowl! They feel big time and they are creating something new and beautiful! We made pink which was dubbed "The Cat's Meow" and green became "Alligator Green".

I had the kids stamp paint using bubble wrap. Since the block was small they realized they could quickly smear the paint to cover the black quickly. Next time I would have the kids stamp white paper, cut and glue to the wood. The part most fun was watching them use popsicle sticks and ends of brushes to create designs on top of the smeared paint! This is process art at its finest!

Next up we drew our beloved pet and family on the matching sized vellum. The blank space created will allow color from the block to show up!

Using the pipe cleaners we bent one end so the beads wouldn't fall off and so they knew when to stop to allow the pipe cleaner to adhere on the back of the block. The kids strung their desired beads. To extend this activity you could paint wooden beads, talk about patterns, or make it look like a collar that their pet would love to have!

We mod podged the vellum to the block and hot glued the pipe cleaner! Ta-da! I think we will hang ours above the puppy bed! What a lucky pup!

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