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My Heart Swirls with Love

I have been fascinated by quilling and using bigger pieces of paper, kids will also become mesmerized! Using basic supplies you can create this beauty with your child!


~ Cardboard

~ Paint (white, pink, red)

~ Paint roller and paintbrush

~ Hot glue

~ Tacky Glue

~ Colored copy paper

~ Chopstick

So I used a pizza box to cut the heart but feel free to use a cereal box or whatever is lying around. The bigger your heart the more quills you will create, if filling it up is your desire. I also cut the sides of the pizza box to wrap around the heart.

Using a paint roller or paintbrush paint the heart and sides white.

Now my favorite part...splatter paint! Using a paintbrush with red and pink paint tap the brush onto your opposite hand's finger to allow the paint to splatter. This tapping controls the paint and allows the mess to stay at a minimum. Next, hot glue the sides around the heart.

My kids love using a paper cutter to cut strips of paper. It is pretty satisfying! Use colored copy paper as opposed to thick cardstock (cardstock is more difficult to swirl and manipulate). We cut strips of various lengths but all were one inch thick. Using a chopstick twirl the end of the paper around several times. The longer you hold the paper the tighter the swirl will be. You can explore different writing implements to get varying degrees of thickness in your swirls. Next twirl the opposite end of the paper and pinch in the middle to create the end of the heart. You can also twirl two separate pieces of paper to create two sides of the heart. (Shown below) Have fun and create scrolls or twirled circles!

Dip each heart into the tacky glue then press gently to adhere to the splatter paint heart. There's no need to fill up the space, you could even make the hearts look like they are falling from one corner!

Finally, add some festive beads to a wire and hot glue it on the back to hang your swirling heart!

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