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The Golden Clover

Children LOVE to blow through straws! Whether it be blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk or blowing the paper wrapper off of a is a rite of passage! So gather these few materials and get to creating!

Materials needed:

~Watercolor paper

~Straw (we like paper...let's help Mother Earth)

~Watercolor (we used green and yellow)

~Gold paint

~Toilet paper rolls


Start by dabbing green watercolor on your watercolor paper. You may splatter it or use pipettes if you have them. Small pools of color are best! Then get out your fancy straw and blow the color all around. Make this fun!

"Can you blow the green off the page?"

"Wait, make it now stay on the paper!"

"Can you make a stream of paint come off another line?"

Add the yellow in pools near the green color. Start blowing these new spots. See what happens when they mix together.

This won't take long to dry and by the time you prepare the clover stamp it'll be ready!

Cut two toilet paper rolls in half. Try to get your cut straight. Form a heart from each roll by pinching in one side and pinching out the opposite. Once you have created four hearts place them all together like a pizza pie! Wrap a rubber band around the hearts.

Place your gold paint on a small plate then stamp color all over the base of the clover stamp. This may take a couple up and down dabs in the paint.

Then slowly place the clover on your watercolor paper. Press all parts...since you are using toilet paper rolls the clovers are not going to be perfect! Have some grace and live a little, it will be ok! Just teach your child to press gently on each pinched portion on the stamp. However, if this feels frustrating then simply use one heart to make a clover by stamping in a circle.

Bonus: try making shamrocks with glue and sprinkle salt on top. Then pipe small drops of metallic watercolor paint onto the salt.

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